Green Passive Solar Magazine


Passively Cooled Dog House

The house is elevated to allow passive cooling, assisted by a recirculation fan. The slat construction on the exterior allows for air circulation and visibility into the interior of the house. A canopy covers the entrance to provide a sheltered patio for Jewels to lounge and keep watch for visitors.


Solar Dog House Automation

A solar panel charges a battery that runs a built-in fan that comes on as the temperature reaches a certain level. The overall design allows for natural air movement and for rising warm air to escape on hotter days.


Climbing Dog Solar House

The house features three main resting areas where a dog can recharge from her active lifestyle: an enclosed area, a shaded area for summer and a rooftop area for winter sunbathing.


Newfoundland Solar Dog House

Energy from the sun collected through the solar panel powers an LED light strip placed to illuminate the plants and allow for soft lighting within the sleeping area.