Doors Open Denver 2010

A former masonry warehouse, now LEED Certified, home of 4240 Architecture

Doors Open Denver celebrates innovation and design within architecture. Participating buildings open their doors to let viewers look, experience and examine the buildings at their leisure.

This year, sites that were remodeled or underwent “adaptive reuse” were featured. Many former industrial buildings were remodeled within the¬†stringent guidelines for LEED certification.

It is beautiful to see modern adaptations of design and efficiency within the shell of an older building.¬† This unique combination of old and new enhances the building’s character and can be seen in the form of exposed brick and high ceilings from its earlier days, combined with modern furnishings.

The Doors Open event takes place annually, this year over the weekend of April 17 – 18, 2010.

Here’s another featured building that took part in Open Doors Denver.

A pdf of a Map of Doors Open 2010 sites

Link to City of Denver’s website explaining the sites on the map.

The previous 2010 site has been taken down, but here is a link to the City of Denver’s 2011 Doors Open site.

Other Doors Open Events in the U.S. and across the Pond.

New York, NY:

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London, England:


Chicago, IL:

Lowell, MA:

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