The End of the Retrofit Project

For now… planning and plans to build on this particular passive solar project will stop. I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed the time in the house in Montrose, Colorado. As life can move a person to different locations through a lifetime, I have started work in and moved to Gunnison, Colorado (70 miles away).

I love the stone house. I truly do. I love the wood floors and both the thermal mass in the sandstone rock and I appreciate its sturdiness.

The house is in a great location.  It is right next to a green belt that meanders through the city.  It borders a walking path and is the end house in a cult-y-sac.  This cuts down on street traffic and allows you to hear the water in the creek that flows along the path.  It is located in town and in walking distance to a coffeeshop and the new microbrew pub.

I admire the house for its inherent charm and beauty. I’ve lived in it for years and am familiar with the climate and seasons in Montrose.  I’ve worked on the property to get rid of the lawn and planted low-water perennial plants.  (They are sturdy plants.  I’m so proud of them!)  The house is made out of a combination beautiful sandstone blocks and river rock.   And it is southern facing. I love its potential and what it could accomplish in terms of energy efficiency.

When I began thinking my predicament about living and working in Gunnison and having a house in Montrose with a potential project, I even had a professional house mover come over to see if it is possible to move the house to my new location.  It is possible, but it doesn’t work out to be economically feasible.

I’ve weighed the pros and cons, sometimes in life, it is simply time to move on.

I also really like the atmosphere and environment of Gunnison that I’ve moved to. (Yes, I’m looking forward to getting a Crested Butte ‘weekend warrior’ type ski pass.)

So, I’m selling the lovely, little rock house.  I hope that the next person loves the house and enjoys its place and properties.

I will, however, continue to blog about sustainable building.  I’m even taking a class at Western State College about sustainable building…  so someday…

The Office for Resource Efficiency in Gunnison is putting on the class
A link to the Sustainable Building Design Class

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