Our Relationship With the Universe

Stars in the night sky Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.  On this day, the sun seemingly travels its longest and highest arc through the sky.  I’m reminded of how passive solar building is dependent on the surrounding elements to work.

While the sun appears to travel through the sky, alas, we are not the center of the universe and in reality, we are rotating around the sun.

This video was originally taken from a fixed point, then later edited to show the stars in a fixed position, while the landmass rotates. It illustrates our humble relationship with the universe.



The video was edited by bulletpeople, with the original footage (below) taken by Jose Francisco Salgado, Ph.D., and Stephan Guisard (amazing pictures of the universe) and originally uploaded by NikoBustos.

Here’s the original version:

The telescope is located at an elevation of 2635 meters (8645.013 feet).

Keya Lea

Keya Lea likes to spend time outside, enjoying the sun.

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