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Solar Flowers at the Parachute Rest Area

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If you’re ever driving along I-70 in Colorado, you might see these spry solar flowers.

Three flowers made out of solar panels at a rest stop.

These solar flowers have sprung up on Interstate – 70 outside of Parachute, Colorado.

Located on a somewhat desolate stretch of Interstate 70 in Western Colorado, the photovoltaic flowers are a welcome sight.


A custom frame was made as a backing for the solar panels shaped like flower petals.

A custom frame was welded together for as a support for the solar panels.




Who says solar panels can’t have some style?

These panels have a custom frame that supports and gives the flowers their shape.

These solar panels supply a good portion of the energy that the rest stop uses.






3 pv flowers located at the I - 70 Parachute rest stop

A seemingly regular rest stop with restrooms a playground, and solar flowers!

There’s quite a lot of oil and gas exploration in the area. I believe part of the agreement with the counties that allow the companies to extract oil and gas from the area, is that a portion of the profits go toward the development of clean energy.

Skylight next to the flourescent light.

I have to take these photos really quickly. The restroom had a skylight that allowed in natural light.



There was a skylight in the bathroom that lit the space with natural light.

Take a road trip along I-70 to see these solar flowers.




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  1. Batman March 22, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    I love this!

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