Newfoundland Solar Dog House

A solar dog house for a large Newfoundland, by Kephart

Accompanying the 2017 Solar Decathlon was the Sustainable BARKitecture Dog House Competition, a challenge to local Denver architecture firms to design and build the ideal solar dog house.

The homes were built for a specific Canine Airport Therapy dog and were on display at the Denver International Airport through Oct. 9th, 2017. The homes were sold in an online auction to benefit the Dumb Friends League.


Chewy’s house is designed to provide him with a direct path to his fresh water and food station. Energy from the sun collected through the solar panel powers an LED light strip placed to illuminate the plants and allow for soft lighting within the sleeping area. Rain water collected in the planters will course through the natural filter of gravel, sand and charcoal to allow for clean drinking water. This house, by design, conveniently flows with Chewy’s every want and need while reducing his carbon paw print.

DEN Canine Airport Therapy Squad dog, Chewy, a 135-pound Newfoundland whose favorite place is anywhere near food and whose favorite activity is chewing a very big bone.


Passive and active sustainability work together seamlessly in this house that is designed to invite Chewy to enjoy the home’s flow, from a shaded lounge area to a space for food and water, and then to a cozy sleeping space.


Architecture Firm: Kephart

Learn more about the Canine Airport Therapy Squad



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