Solar Dog House Automation

Designed by AECOM, this dog house integrates solar powered automation.

Accompanying the 2017 Solar Decathlon was the Sustainable BARKitecture Dog House Competition, a challenge to local Denver architecture firms to design and build the ideal solar dog house.

The homes were built for a specific Canine Airport Therapy dog and were on display at the Denver International Airport through Oct. 9th, 2017. The homes were sold in an online auction to benefit the Dumb Friends League.


The solar panel charges a battery that provides energy to power LED lighting and to run a built-in fan that comes on as the temperature reaches a certain level. The overall design allows for natural air movement and for rising warm air to escape on hotter days.

DEN Canine Airport Therapy Squad dog, Nellye, a golden retriever who loves people but would rather avoid loud noises.



With a long-time golden retriever companion on their team, AECOM set out to create separate spaces that encourage the activities they know this breed favors: a wide porch for friendly visits with people, complete with a playful chalkboard, and a doorway that gradually transitions to a quiet, private area for escaping commotion and decompressing.


Architecture Firm: AECOM

Learn more about the Canine Airport Therapy Squad.



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