Passively Cooled Dog House

This house will keep a dog cool in the summer. Designed by CooverClark.

Accompanying the 2017 Solar Decathlon was the Sustainable BARKitecture Dog House Competition, a challenge to local Denver architecture firms to design and build the ideal solar dog house.

The homes were built for a specific Canine Airport Therapy dog and were on display at the Denver International Airport through Oct. 9th, 2017. The homes were sold in an online auction to benefit the Dumb Friends League.


Jewels’ house is made of recycled materials and a design and orientation that allows for collection of rain water, as well as a harvesting area for planting materials. The house is elevated to allow passive cooling, assisted by a recirculation fan. The material surfaces are all non-toxic, with clean lines allowing for a refined and simply detailed structure. The slat construction on the exterior allows for air circulation and visibility into the interior of the house. A canopy covers the entrance to provide a sheltered patio for Jewels to lounge and keep watch for visitors.

DEN Canine Airport Therapy Squad dog, Jewels, a Pyrenees/Lab mix who loves visiting with people almost as much as she loves her favorite treat, carrots.



To provide a contemporary, clean design that puts function first for Jewels and creates enough renewable energy for its systems to operate at net zero.


Architecture Firm: CooverClark and Saunders

Learn more about the Canine Airport Therapy Squad.


Keya Lea

Keya Lea likes to spend time outside, enjoying the sun.

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  1. Adrianne says:

    I love this and various other passiving cooling houses for our dog named “scar”. We have made the choice to make him an outdoor dog as he is so energético and bores easily . Though he clearly couldnt be happier I wont be able to rest easy until we build a proper home for him outdoors…. how do I obtain blueprints?

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