This photo gallery highlights passive solar homes and their features.  In the northern hemisphere passive solar buildings are situated so that their windows face the south.  This orientation combined with thermal mass, insulation and overhangs are the basics of passive solar design to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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4 Responses

  1. Juozas A. Kazlas says:

    Can a passive solar heater (no solar panels) work on a cloudy day? Not talking about building a new building, but something that would work for an apartment in a 9-story residential building? Would it work on a cold winter day? Where could I find one?

  2. Dawn says:

    Bought a house with passive solar. Want to change out the tile floors. Can this be done. If so could I use tile that looks like wood?

  3. Great blog! I genuinely love how it is easy on my eyes as well as the facts are well written. I have bookmarked your site! Clean Energy is green energy. It will be interesting to see how the design of photovoltaic tile evolves over the next decade.

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