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The “VeinerHaus” Dog House

The solar panel powers an internal battery to run the recirculated water pump system, a remote-controlled treat dispenser and an LED porch light so Amelia never has to arrive home in the dark.


Low Maintenance Passive Solar Dog House

Sustainable features include a rain water collection system with filtration, passive heating and cooling, a concrete thermal mass wall, radiant floor heating, and a solar panel battery system to power all electronic devices.


Tennis Ball ‘Trombe Wall’ Dog House

Built with salvaged or repurposed materials wherever possible, Pesto’s house has a redwood frame for weather resistance. The sliding roof lets the sun in and keeps the weather out and the wind-scoop design keeps the house ventilated.


Energy Efficient Dog Haven

Samson’s Home is an energy efficient haven. On hot summer days Samson will have great ventilation with slatted assemblies on two sides of his dog house to let a nice breeze come through.

Solar Decathlon 2017 0

Solar Decathlon 2017

The Solar Decathlon in 2017 was held in Denver, Colorado. There were 11 competing teams that showcased energy efficient engineering feats. As the articles are written up, then will be linked. Las Vegas –...